Kratos122333 -- sup
Sed -- yo
Ryan -- Hi
Charles -- hello
Guest -- Matt: Hello
Kratos122333 -- good
Ryan -- Rem died and John Cena went missing during the same night.....
AJ_ -- @Wood Go away
Ryan -- Guestbook is now viewable from Mobile Mode's home page, but you will need to click a link to post. In the future, we make it like the Desktop version.
Service Bot -- Random Event boost is effect! Click here for more info.
Ryan -- Yes you are
Charles -- I am the koopa
Service Bot -- Survey raffle items have been sent out.
Kratos122333 -- nice spam m8
Ryan -- Grow I guessuser posted image
Kratos122333 -- pure luck i guess
AJ_ -- How did we get the same amount of each energy?
Kratos122333 -- thanx mate!
Giovanni -- Good job, Team Mew 3. You managed to collect a total of 35 Sun Energy and 35 Moon Energy. Each of you will be rewarded based on how much you collected.
Kratos122333 -- nice spam mate smile.gif
Kratos122333 -- he ded sed rank
AJ_ -- Sed what rank r u?
Ryan -- It's for spam prevention. Flood control decreases as you rank up. Earn Points to rank up.
Sed -- Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Flood control is enabled on this board, please wait 30 seconds before replying or posting a new topic
Ryan -- Trainer Avatars system is back online!
Ryan -- Trainer Avatars system is down for maintenance right now.
Ryan -- #rekt
AJ_ -- ****! Nevermind, it stole 15 Points from me.
AJ_ -- nice it gives points
AJ_ -- Chance time!
Ryan -- Just got 350 from GIGA JACKPOT.
AJ_ --
AJ_ -- guys N.B. is spamming
Ryan -- You didn't submit for the reward.
Kratos122333 -- i beat Brom's spider event!
Charles -- Nooooooo sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
Service Bot -- Survey raffle items have been handed out.
Kratos122333 -- shout out to Kratos122333
Charles -- got it
Charles -- nevermind
Charles -- How to change trainer?
Kratos122333 -- hi
Charles -- I got a Rare!
Charles -- yeeeeeees the trainer avatars
Guest -- Charles: cool
Ryan -- Guests have re-obtained the the privilege to post in this. Names will also be shown if they put one.
Ryan -- LMAO we'll need a rule against Audibles in Shoutbox now or else they would annoy the heck out of members.
AJ_ -- I broke the shoutbox!
AJ_ -- Site needs a new poll
Ryan -- Tweaked Audibles to only autoplay in PMs. Feel free to us them (without overloading) in topics and shoutbox without having to worry about annoying someone.
Service Bot -- Darkrai has been defeated!!
Ryan -- @AJ It isn't added yet.
AJ_ -- How do I get Good Rod?
Ryan -- What are you talking about?
Sed -- want the 600 not the icon
Service Bot -- Darkrai attacks Robert! 20 Money has been stolen.
Service Bot -- Zombie Cyrus has been defeated! Darkrai's attacks will be weakened.
AJ_ -- 6 more posts to Idol
AJ_ -- Ban Kratos
Service Bot -- Darkrai attacks Bloodfist! Interest has been decreased by 2%.
Service Bot -- Darkrai attacks Kratos122333! 20 Money has been stolen.
Ryan -- idk
AJ_ -- Why am I getting quoted from service bot?
Kratos122333 -- hello there
Giovanni -- Don't disappoint me.
Giovanni -- I left a request in your forum.
Giovanni -- Hello, Team Mew 3
Ryan -- @Charles How?
Service Bot -- Darkrai's Terrifying Return!! has been updated:
Charles -- guys I know how get members faster
Ryan -- **** what?
AJ_ -- ****!
Ryan -- Riiiiiiiiiiight
AJ_ -- Come back September 8th. I will be rich again.
AJ_ -- finally can shout
AJ_ -- .
Ryan -- @Charles Gamefaqs, Jcink, Minecraft, Ouran, Perfect Dark
Charles -- Which skins are not profile ERROR??
Ryan -- making good progress on the new profiles
Kratos122333 -- shout
Ryan -- I will try to fix it this weekend.
Kratos122333 -- i dont think i do
Sed -- noiausyi
Ryan -- How many members have the shout limit bug?
Kratos122333 -- so what video games y'all playin'?
Ryan -- I thought you are the Ouran fanboy.
Kratos122333 -- i did, back to superior gamefaqs skin
Ryan -- Then change it
Kratos122333 -- Ouran skin is annoying lol
Ryan -- Perfect Dark skin is disabled until a bug is fixed. Not enough time to fix it today.
AJ_ -- Bro just do events
Charles -- I need some money sad.gif
Ryan -- There will be a lot of downtime this weekend to create new mobile app. Sorry about that, but it will be worth it.
Ryan -- Fixed the survey erorrs.
Ryan -- ttyl
AJ_ -- I gtg
Ryan -- ok
AJ_ -- I finished the survey.
Ryan -- I will fix the errors later tonight