Ryan -- Done
Kratos122333 -- yes
AJ_ -- need new poll
Giovanni -- Team Mew 3, you managed to clear the whole BINGO card. I will send out the prizes to all eligible members soon.
Service Bot -- Everyone, you've done a wonderful job collecting those Summer Tokens. Rem would of been proud.
Service Bot -- Sed has won C.C.. AJ_ has won Gold Gem. Sed has won Leech King. Charles has won Lakitu.
Charles --
Ryan -- Because I screwed something up. Sorry about that.
AJ_ -- Where's the other guestbook posts?
Service Bot -- BINGO! Card cleared!!!
Service Bot -- Entry Cost: 1 Token | Max Entries: ∞ | Prizes: C.C., Gold Gem, Leech King, Lakitu | Deadline: September 16
Service Bot -- Now for one final round of Rem's Raffles. The prizes this time will all be of high value.
Service Bot -- Ryan has won Spooky Drink. Ryan has won Pikablu. AJ_ has won Diancie.