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 About the Spammers
 Posted on: Aug 7 2014, 10:27 PM
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As you may know, there has been a lot of bots and spammers recently. There is two causes:
1) Our host got flooded with spammer bots posting viruses everywhere, and were able to abuse dead forums with no moderation to slow down everyone's websites.
2) I sent an e-mail newsletter the other day saying that we have reopened via this forum and the Facebook page. We've gotten a lot of guests and one annoying spammer so far.

For an update about the bots:
QUOTE (John @ Today at 06:56 pm)
Things are better, but still not great. Unfortunately we're still seeing a daily freeze-up for around 2-3 minutes, but because clearances are slow, it's taking us time to fully take of this problem.

The disk is overloaded from high traffic in part due to spammers and the service combined. We will be placing an order for new hard disks and will probably move heavier boards over to the that disk in order to spread the load. I don't have an estimate on when this will be done as we're currently still trying to contain the spam issue; after that has been exhausted we'll look to adding a new hard drive.

Thanks for your patience through this frustrating week/time.

For the old spammers coming from the newsletter, there's not much we can do except giving warns and bans to the troublesome users. I sent that e-mail to increase our chances of finding old members, not these annoying spammers. Just report any spam posts you see, and please do not feed the trolls.

Shoutbox guest posts will be re-enabled soon when the spammers die down enough.

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