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 Current List of Bugs
 Posted on: May 28 2014, 06:00 PM
Male Age: 24
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-Some members have negative posts or have too many posts. Contact an Admin or Moderator to get your missing posts.Fixed!
-Skin selector is missing from the IPB 2.0 skin. Go to My Controls(User CP) > Skins & Laguages > Change your skin for an alternative.Fixed!
-The Welcome PM is glitched as heck. It sends from a random member instead of a Staff Member or Service Bot.Fixed!
-Bookie link doesn't work.Fixed!
-Some of the item icons are too bigFixed!
-Shoutbox doesn't show up in some skinsFixed!
-Most Admins aren't showing up in the right colorFixed!
-Summer event items are missing iconsFixed!
-Glitched text that shouldn't be there above logoFixed!
-Group recreation requires way too many postsFixed!
-Groups' private forums disappeared Fixed
-Shop has a few outdated passes that are no longer required to access specific features on the forumFixed!
-Website field shows up twice on profilesFixed!
-Some skins have their own minor layout/navigation bugsFixed!
-Dream Shield doesn't work correctly.Fixed!

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