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 Economy Update 2016, Balances, overhauls, new additions
 Posted on: Sep 19 2016, 04:32 PM

Male Age: 24
1503 2707
Rep: 15 View Items


Service Bot Upgrade:
  • 1) When using an Advanced Item you will be asked to copy the form with the fields and item name/item ID.
  • 2) You will then follow the link at the bottom (Don't lose the form you copied!)
  • 3) Paste the form in the big text box on the next page.
  • 4) Fill in the fields and then submit like you did in the last version.
  • This will make adding new Advanced Items much easier. Please report any bugs.
  • Most old items now support the new system. Report any you find that don't.

  • BETA Participation has been added under Options.

Item prices:
  • Potion changed from 900 to 500
  • Meowth changed from 200 to 170
  • Avatar Key changed from 315 to 415
  • Username Key changed from 500 to 700
  • Mystery Gift changed from 210 to 240
  • Darkrai changed from 2000 to 3000
  • Arcade Pass changed from 96 to 76
Item effect changes:
  • Meowth success rate slightly increased
  • Darkrai max ban duration greatly increased
  • Team Rocket's Hacking Device rate slightly decreased
  • Pepsi's money slightly increased (Random Event)
  • Coke's money slightly increased (Random Event)
  • Pouch of Money's money amount decreased (Random Event)
  • Emerald's money amount decreased (Random Event)
  • Shiny Darkrai max ban duration greatly increased. Removed from Secret Shop, but can still be obtained from Mystery Gift.
  • Magikoopa now only shuffles one item from user + two chosen member. If the user or a target has no items, the shuffle still takes place.

[/LIST]Restock changes
  • Darkrai's stock is now 1 and cooldown is now 90 days.
  • Magikoopa's cooldown is now 21 days.

Deleted items:
  • Photo Key
  • Koffing
  • Army Pass
  • Army Key
  • Bomb
  • Rocket
  • Energy Drink
  • Army Starter Kit
  • Ghost Coin
  • Halloween Ticket

  • Shouts changed from 1 to 2 money.
  • Code Redemption has been added to the Shop. Special codes can been redeemed here for promos.

Next update will include new items in the Shop and a replacement of the annoying random event that logs you out.

This post has been edited by Ryan: Oct 14 2016, 08:57 AM

 Posted on: Sep 21 2016, 03:24 PM

Pokemon Master
Male Age: 21
515 1590
Rep: -3 View Items


I never get events sad.gif

Fire > Water
:p :p :p :p :p :p user posted image
 Posted on: Oct 26 2016, 01:32 PM

Male Age: 24
1503 2707
Rep: 15 View Items


Random Events:
  • Nerfed common prize for Drake's Treasure
Price Changes:
  • Interest Ticket changed to 455
  • Interest Ticket Plus changed to 795 (Secret Shop)
  • Title Key changed to 2 weeks
  • Bank Key changed to 40 days
  • Avatar Key changed to 50 days
  • Magic Paint Brush changed to 8 days
  • Dream Shield changed to 4 weeks
  • Meowth changed to 20 days
  • Interest cooldown changed to 3 days
New Items:
  • Topic Pass
  • Topic Key
  • Music Key
  • Video Key
  • Dracula (Secret Shop)

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