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 Forum Beta: Patch Notes
 Posted on: May 22 2014, 08:47 AM
Male Age: 24
1469 3778
Rep: 14 View Items


NOTE: Anyone who participated in the beta, will receive a reward. The higher your posting level(not team rank), the better the reward.

UPDATE: The beta is over! Beta testers will get their prizes soon.

-No longer need Arcade Pass to play
-Dead games removed
-Arcade Pass removed
-Added Username Key
-Added Avatar Key
-Added Photo key
-Added Potion
-Added Team Mew 3 category
-Added Team Mew 3 Discussion forum
-Added Fan-Fictions forum
-Added Town forum

-Defense upgrades prices have been increased
-Defense and attack troops now cost the same price
-Mercenary prices have been decreased
-Title Key price decreased
-Signature Key price decreased
-Interest Ticket prince decreased
-Refresh Button price decreased
-Color Pass price decreased
-Title Pass price decreased
-Avatar Key price increased
-Ancients will now receive a 1% discount
-Idols will now receive a 2% discount
-Superstars will now receive a 3% discount
*My Assistant
-Replaced with My Reputation

*PM System
-Crappy huge PM pop-up removed
-A notification will now appear when you have a new PM(s) with how many you have
-The logo in the IPB 2.0 skin will now display properly
-NPCs will now display in green
-Guestbook added
-Contact form for banned members
Guests can no longer post
-Upgraded forum security

*Achievement System
-Beta accounts have all received the beta Tester achievement. Full system coming soon.
-Profiles will display your achievements(seems to be bugged, will fix it next update).
*Warn System
-Due to a bug, the warn system has been remade.
-Every time you get a warn, you will a basic warn (30 days). Committing that offense multiple times during a short time frame will increase your warn by 10 days for each offense. Ex: Spam 3 times, get 2 warn extensions (+20 days).
-You can now contact a staff member to remove old warns from the old forum or if you think something is wrong with your warn status.
-Drinking a Potion will remove the warn with the highest duration.
-Music will now play throughout the Summer Event. It wall change for each act.

-COPPA now works again
-The index will now show events happening in the next 30 days instead of 14
-Failed login penalty is now more strict to prevent hackers
-If the Service Bot thinks you're a spammer, an admin will have to manually active your account
-Other minor security upgrades
-Image downsizing is now 20% instead of 10%
-You can now use 50 poll choices instead of 29
-You no longer need 10 posts to increase/decrease another member's reputation
-Bots can no longer post their spam in the Shoutbox
-The forum has been cleaned up from the bots

-The beta patch notes will now be in 1 post so the topic is less cluttered
-Temporally reverted back to the old mini-profiles in posts to fix the achievement bug
-Music will now only play in event-exclusive area
-Super poster text removed
-The newbie auto-message bug SHOULD be fixed and only send from the Service Bot.
-New smilies added (some secret)
-NPC rank text fixed
-Global activity stats should display correctly now
-Meowth, Team Rocket Device, and Water Balloon(event) success rate increased
-Magic category removed

-New forum: Bookie,
-New sub-forums: Competitive Gaming, Debates
-New skin: Runescape
-RNG BBcode removed because it didn't work
-You can now submit lotteries, quizzes, and bookies via PMing the Service Bot
-A lot of new smilies added
-All big smilies are now only accessible via the "Show All" popup so it doesn't stretch the layout
-Allies system has been ported to the forum
-Bookie system has been finally implemented. Report any bugs
-Refresh Button price decreased
-Magic Paintbrush price greatly decreased
-Few new achievements added
-Whenever you earn an achivements you will get money and/or an item(s) as a reward
-There will now be a poll like there was on the old site
-Added Twitter and Pokedox to profiles
-Small security upgrade to prevent bots

-Guide added for adding your own Quiz, Lottery, or Bookie. A better system will be implemented eventually.
-Rules have been updated. READ them.
-3 new smilies added
-1 new achivement added
-Summer event items now display icons correctly
-The forum wipe caused all groups to lose their private forum. Contact a staff member to get your private forum back.

-Mystery Gift's restock time has been changed from 2 days to 5 days
-All items will now display on the first page
-New item: Bandit
-If your topic reached 15 replies becoming a hot topic, you will receive a 20 money bonus
-Everyone can now use (HTML code) to put HTML code into their post. A button will be added for it soon.
-Added Tournaments: You can choose any game you want. Players can be 2, 4 or 8. This could also be set up as a duel challenge with you and another member using the 2 player option. Send a form to the service bot to make the tournament. Stuff like prize pool, participants, etc. are up to you.
-Shrunk the size of the poll. Might need some more adjustments.
-1 new smilie added

-Numerous bugs have been fixed.
-New sub-category for Art Gallery: Videos/Animations
-Group creation requirement has been lowered from 100 to 1
-The guestbook has been temporally removed until we find a better spot for it
-Flexile Dark has been removed because of layout bugs

-2 new achivements added
*Summer Event
-Act II promo item will be sent to everyone who logged in during Act II so far. Everyone else has to end of the month to get it.
-Few more bugs fixed
-New item: Boo
-Few promo items added
-Mystery Gift slightly nerfed
-Many "secret" items added
-Removed Lottery and Bookie links from Shop
-Decreased dream shield stock amounts and increased stock cooldown
-Modified poll size again

-The follwoing features have been disabled: Downloads, Bookie, Live Chat
-Active users list has been changed from 10 min. to 30 min.
-Final set of minor bugs fixed
New Skin: Digital
New Skin: Alpha Plus 2.5
-4 new smilies added
*My Assistant
-My Assistant has returned! It's very basic atm, but it will be improved over time.
-Offence upgrades more cheaper
-Defence upgrades more expensive
-Weapons buffed
-Armor nerfed
-Offence troops slightly cheaper
-Defence troops more expensive
-Reduced price to untrain a troop
-Greatly reduced mercenary prices

-Changed default skin back to IPB 2.0
-New Skin: JFH Infinity
-New Skin: Black Stream 2.0
-New Skin: Halo
-Increased price of Mystery Gift
-The forum is officially out of beta! (Rewards will be handed out soon)
-The website will be now known as just "Team Mew 3"
-There is now a mini-User CP above the Shoutbox that will tell you some stats, PMs, skins changerm etc.
-Added Team Mew 3 copyright with the other credit/copyright stuff
-Guestbook, Poll, and Allies(Affiliates) are on a mini-hiatus until we find a good spot for them. They will be back soon!
-Added category: Archive
-Added sub-category: Announcements
-Many new smilies added

Below are the beta reward items you will get depending on your posting level when the beta ends.

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