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 Team Mew 3 Forum Major Changes, Updated: June 3rd
 Posted on: May 20 2014, 07:41 PM

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  • Posts have been wiped unfortunately due to an issue- don't worry, we can rebuild the forum
  • Accounts have migrated- most profile comments(some are missing for an unknown reason), special items, usernames, titles, signatures, pics, and avatars.
  • Double posting is now allowed- if spammers don't abuse this, it will stay
  • Reputation has been reset to 0 for everyone-The old system was a bit of a mess
  • Money, items, and army have been reset- Due to a whole rebalance patch, we had to reset the economy
  • We reverted back to the old Arcade- Thunder Arcade is no longer available unfortunately
  • The RPG System has been delayed for the time being- it is slowly being worked on and will be added eventually
  • Members can add quizzes, lottery, bookie, etc. via PMing the Service Bot- we will make a simpler system in the future
  • Calender and Allies will appear on the forum- just liek the Webs site
  • We no longer use the Webs(formerly Freewebs) site. The Shoutbox is the new Guestbook- We have readded the Guest book. Click the link at the top.
  • Forum Games now gives posts- You will get same posts and money as any other forum.

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