Upcoming Events

Which of the following events do you want to see come back the most?
Rem's Raffles
Cyrus or another villain takes over the site
Tournaments with valuable prizes (for those around since Crater)
Giovanni's Desert Expedition
Don't reuse old events. Just make new ones!
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    Team Mew 3 has a Discord chatroom where you can talk to other members and anyone else who joins the chatroom. Discord uses its own account system, and not Team Mew 3's.

    The Discord chatroom has many bots you can interact with. Some have an AI that will talk back to you.

    To keep the spammers out of Discord, a 5 Points requirement is needed to see the Discord link. You can also PM another member for the invite link if you don't have 5 Points.

    Other Questions?
    Please ask in the Discord chatroom if you need more help using Team Mew 3's Discord.
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