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    You can earn achievements by completing specific tasks on the website or other places. Achievements are categorized based on where to get them. You can get rewards along with their icon in your earned achievement list. New achievements will be added over time.

    Alliance - Your website is an ally of Team Mew 3. [Money: 20 Items: None]
    Artist - Opened a shop in the Art Gallery. [Money: 40 Items: Color Ticket, Magic Paintbrush]
    Beware of Ogre - Find Shrek's Swamp [Money: 20 Items: None]
    Friendly - Add 5 friends. [Money: 20  Items: None]
    Hated - Reached -10 Reputation Points. [Money: 40  Items: None]
    Loved - Reached +10 Reputation Points. [Money: 100  Items: Mystery Gift]
    Recruiter - Recruited a new member to the team. [Money: 100  Items: Mystery Gift]
    Super Poster - Reached 100 posts. [Money: 50  Items: Mystery Gift]
    Super Poster II - Reached 400 posts. [Money: 100  Items: Mystery Gift]
    Super Poster III - Reached 1,000 posts. [Money: 150  Items: Mystery Gift x2]
    Superstar - Congratulations, you've reached the max rank! [Money: 200  Items: None]
    Shouter - You've reached 50 shouts. [Money: 30  Items: Color Ticket]

    Gallery Adder - Add a new image or video to the Gallery. [Money: 20  Items: None]
    Gallery Adder II - Add a total of 10 new images or videos to the Gallery. [Money: 40  Items: None]
    Gallery Variant - Add a new image or video to at least 3 different categories. [Money: 30  Items: None]
    Gallery Celebrity - Your uploaded image or video has over 50 views. [Money: 25  Items: Title Pass]

    Arcade Champ - Won a 1st place trophy.  [Money: 20  Items: None]
    Arcade Leader  - Mounted your way to the leader board. [Money: 25  Items: None]

    Commander - Have an army size of 500. [Money: 35  Items: Energy Drink]
    War Lord - Have an army size of 2,000. [Money: 55 Items: Army Pass)

    TPP Arena:
    10k Club - Reached 10,000 money in the Arena at one point. [Money: 110  Items: None]
    Arena Addict - Bet in 200 Arena matches. [Money: 40  Items: None]
    Arena Member - Made an account for the Arena. [Money: 20  Items: None]
    Harden to Victory - Win a match with Metapod, Kakuna, Silcoon, or Cascoon on your team. [Money: 25  Items: None]
    Top Arena Player - Made it to the top 100 players. [Money: 200  Items: Username Key]

    Event/Limited Time:
    Beta Tester - Participated in the beta for the forum reopening.  [Money: 50  Items: Beta Chest(s)]
    Crater Member - Amazing! You've been with us since the Crater era where it all began.  [Money: 100  Items: Dratinire, Dratinilic, Dratinice]
    Pokedox Member - Wow, you've been with us since the Pokedox era where we took refuge, and built a new home.  [Money: 80  Items: Username Pass, Title Pass]

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