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 Sorrry about down time...
 Posted on: Jul 29 2015, 05:03 PM
Male Age: 24
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I was trying to get big updates done, but they ended up becoming crap. I might be able to convince Slayer to release Divinity RPG v2 so we a have a RPG. With a code I added to delete PMs the n00b hacked it and we got a bunch of bots so you can't delete messages until further notice.

New group added:
Group Member- can make a group and has special abilities

Happy posting!! biggrin.gif

 Posted on: Jul 29 2015, 05:03 PM
Level 8
Female Age: 25
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oh so thats what was going on... Well thanks for the update!

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Call me Kelly, Bird, BL, or Pyro
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"From the day i was born to the day i die, the only side i'll ever be on is my own!"
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