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 Guide: Adding your own Tournament, Quiz, Lottery, or Bookie
 Posted on: Jul 27 2014, 01:10 PM

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Offline these rules before filling out the form! We don't mind giving out warns to abusers.
  • You are NOT allowed to do your own quiz. The maker of the quiz already knows the answers, so it would be cheating to get yourself free money/items. The staff member that accepts the quiz won't be able to enter either. Lotteries are fine since it's based on RNG.
  • Make sure the rewards are balanced. This goes for all 3 features. Don't make a simple quiz that gives 10,000 money or an impossible lottery that costs 50 money to enter, but has 1 out of 2000 chance to win 100 money.
  • NPC role-play accounts are not allowed to do any of these without permission as being part as an event or something.
~~~Form Templates~~~

Send your form to Service Bot, not a staff member.

Number of participants(2, 4 or 8):
Participant Usernames:
Game Name: (Name or Link):

Quiz Name:
Enable BBcode? (Yes/No):
Time Limit(0 to disable):
Only let X users play(X = number, 0 to disable)
Percent needed to pass:
How long will the quiz be available?:
Money for winning(0 to disable):
Items for winning(0 or none to disable):

[For questions, add as many as you want]
Question Type: (Single Question & Answer, Single Question & Answer with multiple correct answers, or Single Question & Dropdown Answers)

Lottery Name:
Amount of tickets available:
Ticket Price:
How long will the lottery be available?
Type of lottery: [Loose = Winning numbers can be in any order(higher winning chance)] or [Exact = Your numbers must math the order of the winning numbers(lower winning chance)]
Number of balls to pick:
Highest number you can pick(includes 0): [Ex: Picking 5 means each ball can be anywhere from 0 to 5]

[Winnings should go from lowest balls needed to win to all balls correct. Use same form for each ball.]
Number of balls needed correct:
Money for winning( 0 to disable):
Items for winning(0 or none to disable):

Bookie Name:
Group this Bookie belongs to(None to disable):
Accept bets until: (ex: Oct 1 2015)
Payouts will be given: (ex: Oct 10 2015)

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