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Trainer Avatars
    What are Trainer Avatars?
    Trainer Avatars are cosmetic avatars you can collect. Post of the avatars are Pokemon trainer classes or important characters, but there Trainer Avatars from other series such as Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Code Geass, Lost Odyssey, etc. You can also trade with other members. Try to collect them all!

    Do Trainer Avatars replace my regular Avatar?
    No, Avatars and Trainer Avatars are separate features. They do not conflict with each other.

    Where are Trainer Avatars used?
    They are currently only shown in the RPG tab in Desktop Mode profiles. The in-development RPG System will use Trainer Avatars as a core feature.

    How do I change my Trainer Avatar?
    Go to Edit Profile info in Edit Settings (My Controls). Type or paste the trainer you want displayed. You can find your unlocked Trainer Avatars in your profile's RPG Tab. (Desktop Mode only at the moment.) If you put in an invalid name, it will default back to Red/Leaf.

    Are Trainer Avatars gender-locked?

    Does everyone start with Red and Leaf?

    How do I unlock more Trainer Avatars?
    The most common method is to buy Trainer Cards in the Shop. You will get an [ADVANCED] item that will give you a random Trainer Avatar of the specified rarity. An Admin will need to verify the process via Service Bot. This process usually ranges from 1 to 7 days, depending on how busy the staff team is.

    Are there other ways to obtain Trainer Avatars?
    Yes, you can get Promo avatars from events and trade with other members. In the future, the RPG System will also have obtainable avatars.

    What are the differences between the rarities?

    • Common: Generic trainer class or monster/character

    • Rare: Any named character. This includes Gym Leaders and most of the non-Pokemon Trainer Avatars.

    • Special: An alternate form, reskin, silly version, etc. or another Trainer Avatar. These are very rare.

    • Promo: Obtained from an event. Similar to Promo Items.

    How do I trade Trainer Avatars?
    Using Desktop Mode when you visit the Shop, you will see a Send An Avatar link under Personal Links. You will need to specify what Trainer Avatar(s) and what member you are sending them to. This mechanic also has to go through the Service Bot so please be patient about it. Red and Leaf are not tradable.

    There are stealing items! Are my Trainer Avatars protected?
    It is impossible to steal another member's Trainer Avatar.

    What happens if I get a Trainer Avatar I already have?
    Duplicates are turned Avatar Dust. Any Trainer Avatars sent to you by another member that you already have is sent back to the sender. A future update will allow you to craft your dust into a Trainer Avatar of your choice.

    The RNG is rigged!
    The Service Bot treats everyone fairly. If you want a specific Trainer Avatar, trade with another member and have other members buy Trainer Cards to put more avatars into the economy.

    When are new Trainer Avatars added?
    New Trainer Avatars are added in waves. These waves are made up of several avatars.

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