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Points & Ranks
    Points are your source to ranking up. Below are the different sources of earning Points.

    • Post in the Forum (1 Point)

    • Use Magic Logs from the Shop (10 Points)

    • Reward from some Random Events and Promo items (Varied Points)

    *Check out the Help Files for Shop and Random Events to understand them bettr.

    More Ways to Earn Points
    In the future, we will be adding future methods to earn Points more easily.


    Level 1: Newbie
    Required Points: 0

    Level 2: Junior
    Required Points: 5

    Level 4: Amateur
    Required Points: 15

    Level 4: Veteran
    Required Points: 25

    Level 5: Elite
    Required Points: 50

    Level 6: Master
    Required Points: 90

    Level 7: Ancient
    Required Points: 150

    Level 8: Icon
    Required Points: 250

    Level 9: Idol
    Required Points: 400

    Level 10: Superstar
    Required Points: 700
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