Upcoming Events

Which of the following events do you want to see come back the most?
Rem's Raffles
Cyrus or another villain takes over the site
Tournaments with valuable prizes (for those around since Crater)
Giovanni's Desert Expedition
Don't reuse old events. Just make new ones!
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Member List
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2adck5lw Pip Newbie 18-October 17 0
BblythePulitzer Pip Newbie 19-October 17 0
Bloodfist Pip Newbie 24-July 15 3
Bob Pip Newbie 25-May 14 0
gamefreak11 Pip Newbie 12-July 09 0
kito Pip Newbie 24-November 15 0
orc1234567 Pip Newbie 8-May 15 0
r4icards Pip Newbie 30-September 11 0
Scott Pip Newbie 22-October 08 0
Sonic4Life Pip Newbie 14-February 15 0
test Pip Newbie 27-July 14 1
Xemnas Pip Newbie 3-January 10 0 View
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