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Do you participate in TM3's Discord server?
Yes, I'm active in it too.
Yes, but I'm inactive or I lurk.
No, but I might join someday.
No, and I have no interest in joining.
What is Discord?
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Shop & Items
    The Shop is where you can buy item with your money. Go to a Shop Category to what item are in stock. The item list will display icon, description, price, and stock of each item.

    In your Inventory, you can use your items or Re-Sell items to Shop.

    Shop Categories

    • GENERAL: Items to use on your self or have general effects.

    • ATTACK: Items that are used on other members.

    • PROMOTIONAL: Promo items that do not restock. Seasonal Promo items such as Halloween or Christmas will be removed even if items are still in stock.

    • CODE REDEMPTION: Prizes you can redeem a special code for. (Currently disabled.)

    Item Stock
    Each item and its own max stock and restock cooldown. After restock cooldown, the item will be set to its max stock again. You cannot buy an item that is out of stock.

    Rank Discounts
    Idols get a 1% discount off all items and Superstars get 2% discount off all items.

    Send Item or Money
    Go to Send An Item under Personal Links to send an item or money to another member. Anything sent to you will be in your Inbox.

    There are special keywords used of various items. Below are the keywords and their effects.

    • [SOUL PROTECTION]: This item cannot be stolen, destroyed, etc. You can still send it to another member yourself.

    • [ADVANCED]: This item requires the Service Bot form to use. Item's effect is not automatic and will need to be verified by an Admin. Follow the instructions displayed after using the item. If you screwed up or are confused, ask for help in the Forum.

    • [LIMITED]: You can only have one copy of this item at a time.

    Shields will consume itself to block an [ADVANCED] attack item once. The chosen is randomly chosen. There are Special Shields that have additional effects that activate usually after a successful block.
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