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 SophieLouise's banner shop, i have been requested to have a shop
 Posted on: Feb 16 2015, 11:37 AM
Level 6
Female Age: 22
Inactive Member
52 200
Rep: 2 View Items


welcome to the banner shop
(which josh requested me to do)
ill will try to take on any challenge
but it might not be very good
cause im not really used to the programm i use yet
ill except any worker who know how to make banners

ill put some up later

josh(he has to help once he convinced me too)

 Posted on: Feb 16 2015, 11:38 AM
Level 12
Male Age: N/A
Inactive Member
310 140
Rep: none View Items


i was just saying you should wasent forceing or anyfing lol
ive made a few chao's but i dunno how to post them =(

think you could make me a banner with Josh on it and a heatran with Flames in da

i may be able to do chaos by they may not b very gd either

Kratos122333 was here
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