Upcoming Events

Which of the following events do you want to see come back the most?
Rem's Raffles
Cyrus or another villain takes over the site
Tournaments with valuable prizes (for those around since Crater)
Giovanni's Desert Expedition
Don't reuse old events. Just make new ones!
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    Obtaining Money
    There are various ways to obtain money on Team Mew 3. Below are the most common methods to get more money. You can also send and receive money from other members.

    • Shoutbox post: 2 Money

    • Forum post: 5 Money

    • Forum topic: 10 Money

    • Forum poll: 13 Money

    • You topic becomes a Hot Topic: 10 Money

    • Random Event Rewards: Varies

    Usage of Money
    Money can be used to buy items from the Shop, trade with other members, open your own Shop, use the Bank, and more. Check out the other Help Files for more information.

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