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Do you use Mobile Mode?
Yes, all the time.
Yes, but I mostly use Desktop Mode.
Yes, I use both Desktop and Mobile Mode equally.
No, and I don't plan to.
No, I don't have a smartphone/tablet.
No, but I would if I knew how.
What is Mobile Mode?
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Member Name Rep Rep, given
Ryan +17 | -2 pts [Details] 22 pts [Details]
Kratos +1 | -1 pts [Details] Empty
sophielouise94 +2 pts [Details] Empty
Cyrus +1 | -3 pts [Details] Empty
Sed -3 pts [Details] Empty
Robert +1 pts [Details] Empty
Service Bot -1 pts [Details] 1 pts [Details]
Shrew +4 pts [Details] Empty
Kratos122333 +8 | -5 pts [Details] 2 pts [Details]
Charles +1 | -3 pts [Details] 25 pts [Details]
AJ_ +16 | -3 pts [Details] 24 pts [Details]
Giovanni +1 pts [Details] Empty
Rem -1 pts [Details] Empty

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