Upcoming Events

Which of the following events do you want to see come back the most?
Rem's Raffles
Cyrus or another villain takes over the site
Tournaments with valuable prizes (for those around since Crater)
Giovanni's Desert Expedition
Don't reuse old events. Just make new ones!
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Pokemon Arena (Medium)
Extra Info
  • Leader board and commercial break every hour
  • Subscription($4.99/month) gives you a minimum money of $500 instead of $100
  • 1 action of Vietnamese Crystal democracy mode after each match
  • There is a donation match after commercial break. Make a donation match by bidding tokens.
  • To get tokens, donate or get randomly chosen during Vietnamese Crystal.
  • Your badge is the season you joined + total seasons you played.
  • !balance = displays your current arena balance
  • !bet (x) (red/blue) = bet on what team you want to be on
  • !move (a/b/c/d) = choose your move command
  • A/B/Up/Down/Left/Right/Start/Select = Commands for Vietnamese Crystal
  • No multi-line ASCII/unicode artwork
  • No unicode abuse
  • No automation
  • No circumvention of R9K or spam filter (non-commands only)
  • No spammy messages (excessive URLs, emoticons, etc)
Other Notes:
  • There is a 10~30 second stream delay. Time your tactics to work around it.
  • You can see all the Twitch emotes here:
  • FrankerFaceZ emotes[global only]:
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