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Pokemon Arena (Large)
Extra Info
  • Leader board and commercial break every hour
  • Subscription($4.99/month) gives you a minimum money of $500 instead of $100
  • 1 action of Vietnamese Crystal democracy mode after each match
  • There is a donation match after commercial break. Make a donation match by bidding tokens.
  • To get tokens, donate or get randomly chosen during Vietnamese Crystal.
  • Your badge is the season you joined + total seasons you played.
  • !balance = displays your current arena balance
  • !bet (x) (red/blue) = bet on what team you want to be on
  • !move (a/b/c/d) = choose your move command
  • A/B/Up/Down/Left/Right/Start/Select = Commands for Vietnamese Crystal
  • No multi-line ASCII/unicode artwork
  • No unicode abuse
  • No automation
  • No circumvention of R9K or spam filter (non-commands only)
  • No spammy messages (excessive URLs, emoticons, etc)
Other Notes:
  • There is a 10~30 second stream delay. Time your tactics to work around it.
  • You can see all the Twitch emotes here:
  • FrankerFaceZ emotes[global only]:
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