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Halloween Event 2016: Darkrai's Terrifying Return!! (Public Event)
Event Date: 1 October 2016 ends 1-November 16 (Ranged Event)

Group: Admin
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Joined: 29-July 08
Darkrai's Terrifying Return!!
Darkrai has returned to cast another nightmare on Team Mew 3! This time Darkrai has stepped up its game. Cyrus is fully under Darkrai's control in a zombified state. There are different conditions to damage each boss. Read them carefully.
  • Team Mew 3 Forums = 2 damage per post
  • General Forums = 1 damage per post
Zombie Cyrus
  • General Forums = 1 damage per post
  • Any forum = 3 damage per new poll
Be aware! Darkrai will attack a random member each weekend. While Zombie Cyrus is still standing, power of each attack is doubled! Attack type is random.
  • Steal 1 to 50 on-hand.
  • Steal 1 to 20 banked
  • Decrease interest by 1%.
  • Destroy an item.
  • Nightmare (ban) 1 to 7 days!
  • Give a warn!! (won't increase past two warns)
Victory Reward: 3 Moon Energies for each member that participated. (Excluding NPCs)

Gifts from the Darkness
  • The following items will be given to one random member each: Slenderman, Spooky Drink, Pink Boo.
  • Slenderman is an item renewed from last year's event.
  • Any member that had 10 posts before October first is qualified for the raffals.
  • Winners will be chosen and receive the specified item(s) mid-October.
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